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Bored Marge

You probably watched the Simpsons at least once. Have you ever had sexual fantasies about any of the characters? I know I have, I’ve always wanted to bang that hot bitch Marge! Well, anyway, I found this site called ‘Drawn Sex’, and it’s the best source for your Simpsons sex needs. You can browse through it whole day and never get bored, and the artists who draw it maintain the same style like in actual series… Your eyes will be glued to screen when you see your favourite characters doing the dirtiest things you can imagine! Take for example these pictures, where the Simpsons, the Jetsons and the Flinstones are getting down to some dirty, naked sex orgy action… You can see Fred and Barney banging Marge at the same time, or Marge getting banged by that neighbour (whatever his name is, but he’s got a huge dick haha). And this site has got not only Simpsons sex, but they draw all kinds of other cartoons as well.

Bored Marge
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I have something special for all of you Simpsons lovers. I bet you have seen some hot Simpsons sex pics already, but have you seen some really high quality porn? The artists of this site are so good you will almost believe the pictures are from the real show… If it weren’t for all of the characters fucking like crazy! Some of the nasty things you will see might even make you go ‘WTF?’, but your eyes will be glued to the screen anyway. So, take a look at this xxx picture here. It’s just a free example, but damn, that’s hot. That little slut Terri (or is it Sherri? Who cares!) is lying on the ground with older version of Bart on top of her, squeezing her little breast with one hand, while she spreads her legs wider for him. I bet you can imagine what happens next (some hot, sticky Simpsons sex),


Have you ever wondered what would characters of your favourite cartoon do when they had spare time? You know, sort of ‘behind the scenes’ thing? They would fuck like crazy, that’s what! If you wonder how do I know, you must visit this site, because it has tons of pictures with xxx cartoon pics, including Simpsons sex scenes. Like this one here, where a more grown up version (legal age) of Bart Simpson is getting a blowjob from some pretty lady. I’m not so sure who she is supposed to be, but this little slut is probably one of Bart’s classmates. She has her hand wrapped around Bart’s big dick, and the tip of the head in her mouth. You can also enjoy the view of her fine booty and the little blush in her cheeks (don’t tell me that bitch is embarrassed!). As you can see, the drawing is top quality, and they have tons of other great pictures with Simpsons sex action on that site.

Blwojob for Bart
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You know, I have trouble watching cartoons lately, especially the Simpsons, because I can’t help but imagine the characters in some hot, dirty sex scene. This site has helped me a lot with my problem, since it has tons of Simpsons sex scenes (as well as any other cartoon you can image, made into crazy sex stories). You simply won’t believe the kind of things your favourite cartoon characters will do. There are no taboos since it’s all drawn (and they draw very well, I might add). Take this picture for example, where the big man Homer is fucking (now legal age) Lisa tight cunt with his huge, fat schlong. Homer’s holding one of her legs in the air with his strong arm, and pining her down to the couch… Unleash your fantasies, because nothing is forbidden here, and you can find almost any kind of Simpsons sex scenes on this site!

Homer fucking Lisa

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Drawn Sex site has some insane galleries: hot Simpsons sex, Flinstones sex orgies, Jetsons fucking away like crazy, and many more of your favourite toons in some sexy, dirty action. That’s right, they have sex scenes from pretty much any cartoon you can imagine, and their artists are so good, the drawing style is very similar to the real series. Let’s take a look at this Simpsons page first – damn, they have some pretty crazy stuff here. Like this photo, where legal age Lisa is fucking legal age Bart in the ass using a strap on toy! Looks like they both are having a lot of fun here, especially Lisa, ‘punishing’ her naughty brother’s asshole. You won’t know the difference in drawing style from the real cartoon. It’s hard to imagine something like that, but you don’t have to, because this site has all the sex fantasies you could possibly think of, and Simpsons sex galleries here are the top pick.

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Hi man, are you happy because you had find this amazing website with so sexy stuff? We would like to tell you why we had chosen this Simpsons sex niche. We know that many of you know Simpsons and had seen many of the series, but have you ever imagined how they are fucking with each other in this crazy city? No? When tonight you will be able to watch and see how we imagine that, and I think that you will really like that. So register to our network tonight in order to receive much more content from us.

Young Simpsons sex

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Here we have pretty nice photos with simpons having vey naughty time. Legal age Lisa is satisfying with a nice blowjob and Margie is waiting for her turn.

Do you want to know what toon characters do in their ‘spare time’? This site, Toon Party, might be for you. It has Simpsons sex, Cartoon Network porn, and tons of other famous cartoon characters craving for a fuck and doing the dirtiest things you can image. Professional artists draw all of them, so you’ll barely know the difference between the original and the sex-crazed beast there. Take a look at the page first, and the first drawing of Ned Flanders and Marge Simpson getting it on. Marge was tired of her lazy husband failing to satisfy her, so she looked for some ‘outside help’. Surprisingly, Ned Flanders came to her, and he was happy to help the blue haired bitch by fucking her hard, outside in the snow.

Blue haired bitch

They look like they are having some real fun… You can’t help but admire the quality drawing, and there’s more quality Simpsons sex waiting for you on this site.

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