Banging naked Marge

Today I found some hot and sticky Simpsons sex. That’s right, you read it correctly – your favourite toons from this popular series are fucking and sucking like porn starts without any taboos. Drawn Sex site artists are so good, you won’t know the difference between the original drawing and this awesome porn. They really draw quality stuff – take this one picture, for example. The goody two-shoes Ned Flanders, dressed only in his tie and his watch, is banging hot and naked Marge in her pussy with his fat schlong. Marge is blushing and enjoying that very much… And her hair is blue ‘down there’ as well. Of course, nothing even close to this would ever happen in the original series, but on the Drawn Sex site, anything can happen to all kinds of cartoon characters you can imagine.

Banging naked Marge

Set your imagination free, see this awesome Simpsons sex and much more.

  1. chanka’s avatar

    This shit is horrendous.. it doest even look like them


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